How to Delete Messages on Reddit? 5 Simple and Easy Ways

Everyone asked about How to Delete Messages on Reddit? Users may choose the day’s news on the Reddit website, as well as submit their own links and content. Visitors vote, and the results that receive the most votes are shown first.

Enabling the mobile app to Delete messages on Reddit used to be a much-anticipated feature. Following are the procedures you need to follow in order to erase messages from the app, which has thankfully been added.

How to Delete Messages on Reddit?
  1. Open the Reddit app and make sure you’re signed in.
  2. Select the Chat option found in the menu next to the pencil symbol.
  3. Decide which user’s message you wish to remove.
  4. Hold down the message for a short period of time.
  5. Pick Delete Message in step.

Can You Delete Messages on Reddit?

It can be challenging to erase chats on Reddit, Inc. These simple measures are the only right approach, other than hiding them.

  • Start a conversation session.
  • Select the “trash can” icon by hovering your cursor over the message that you want to remove.

As there is no method to remove an entire discussion on Reddit at once, you will need to do this for each and every entry. Messages must still be independently deleted.

Additionally, keep in mind that you can only Delete messages on Reddit that you have sent, not those that you have received.

How Do I Delete Messages on Reddit History?

There is no method to erase the whole history of your messages on Reddit at once, so you’re going to have to remove them one at a time. Here are some methods for deleting various items, including old and fresh Reddit messages.

Delete a comment Made on Reddit?

You’ll see that this procedure is the same as when removing postings.

  • On older Reddit, click the “delete” link next to the remark. You may do this straight from the publication, a subreddit, or the listings in the profile section.
  • New Reddit: To delete a comment from the listing, click the “delete” button next to it. To remove a comment from the real comment page, click the three dots next to the posting.

Delete a Post Draft Saved on Reddit?

  • Old Reddit: Old Reddit does not provide the draft function.
  • New Reddit: From, you may remove any saved draft posts you may have. To remove it, choose “Draft” and then click the garbage can symbol.

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