How to remove eyelash extension? 5 Easy ways step by step

Mostly People ask about How to remove eyelash extension. Lash extensions have been popular for a few years now, and with excellent purpose. They’re one of the few cosmetic tools that shorten instead of lengthen the time it takes to apply makeup. However, since the epidemic, several salons have had to close, placing several more lash extension wearers in a bind.

If you recently had your fake eyelashes applied but want to repair them at home, there are a few things you should know. Is it possible to take off eyelash extensions at home? Is it secure? What are the potential dangers? How do you go about doing it?

How to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home

You must basically do everything your lash specialist taught you not to do to properly remove eyelash extensions at home!

Do you recall your stylist reminding you that oil-based foundation removal should never be used? Oils are known for causing poor extension retention by breaking down the glue used it to install lash extensions.

How to remove eyelash extension

Follow these steps to remove eyelash extensions at home:

Step 1: Wash Your Face

Wash your face as you usually would. Scrubbing your eye region might harm your lashes since it pulls on them. The goal of this procedure is to get rid of any leftover mascara or eye makeup from the eyelash extensions.

How to remove eyelash extension?

Step 2: Use Steam

Fill a big basin halfway with boiling water. To keep the steam in, put your face over it and cover your head with a cloth. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes to release the eyelash extensions glue’s connection.

Step 3: Warm the Oil

Fill an entire dish halfway with oil. When it comes to releasing lash extensions, coconut oil is the finest option, although vegetable oil, olive oil, or caster oil may also be utilized.

The next step is to gently reheat the oil. Because you’ll be working with the very delicate eye region, make absolutely sure the oil isn’t too hot. Dip your cleaned pinky finger in the water to test the temperature. To speed up the process, all you need is some warmth.

Step 4: Soak the Pads

Following that, soak one or two cotton ball in the heated oil. Put the oiled cotton pad over one of your eyes’ lashes after you’re finished. Allow it to sit somewhere for five to ten minutes, or until the cotton pad loses its heat.

Allow the oil to stay on your lashes for several moments after gently swiping it across your top lash line with oily pad.

Step 5: Remove the Extensions

Gently stroke your lash line with same cotton pad. Just few lash extensions should start to fall off and stay in the cotton pad.

We can’t recommend enough how important it is to proceed with caution if you really want to prevent damaging your natural brows. Do not tug just on extension if they do not come off. You’ll need to hire an expert to remove them.

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