How to Play Gomoku? 3 Easy Steps

In this article, we explain the Gomoku game people ask about this game and want to know How to play Gomoku. We’re going to be looking at How to Play Gomoku. This game is similar to connect foot four if you played that before, but it connects five.

How to Play Gomoku?

Easy Steps of How to Play Gomoku?

So the goal of this game is to be able to get five of these in a row. The game is also very similar to go in that it uses a go board and the black and white pieces from going as well. Now, I’m just going to run through a quick demo here against the computer and show you some of the basics and how the game works. So there’ll be two people playing this game, one will be black, and one will be white, and black always goes first. So the pieces are always placed on the intersections, not in the middle of each square.

And I’m just going to put a few down to see how the game operates. So if you alternate turns black than white, then black than white, remember, the goal is to get five in a row.

How to Play Gomoku?

And it would help if you also thought about how to block your opponent. So here we can see the opponent may be going for five diagonally. And so I can put a block in there while building up my row either this way or building out some pieces over here.

So as you can see, he has three here. Now, you want to be careful whenever an opponent has three in a row. If they get a fourth down and have two open ends, they will always be able to win.

Tips and Tricks of How to Play Gomoku

So it would help if you started thinking about blocking. So I’ll stop there. And now he’s cut off it, but while also blocking, we also want to be attacking and trying to create our situations. So you can see here that he’s got four in a row. And unless we play one here, then our opponent will win. So we’ll play it there. And you can see he just blocked our three here with that as a good move by the computer.

So I’ll do four in a row, which forces him to play one down here. And we’ll start building out here. And you can see that that one is over. So we’ll try again quickly, so I’ll just put one down in the middle to start with; you don’t have to put it in the middle; you can place your pieces anywhere; little information there that we can start building off of there put a block in there. See, it’s a lot faster to play against the computer; obviously, they make the decisions instantly, and most of your opponents will take longer.

And if you want to win these games, you should be taking longer with your choices. But since we’re just running through a couple of practice matches in this video and looking at how to play the game, we’ll get into strategy videos later and how to start to win either against a computer or against your friends, so we’ll keep playing some more pieces down here.

How to Play Gomoku?

And I don’t have much going on here. Both of us are pretty shut off in this game. So see could be interesting to block there. You can see I just lost there. He managed to sneak in and put four in a row, and so even if I stop here, he’ll still win over here, and if I stop here, he’ll win over here.

So the computer will win this match, and we’ll do one more and then make sure you subscribe as we get into the strategy videos in the following videos when we start to talk about some of the ways to win this game. Okay, well, I’m going to end this game here. Hopefully, you have an idea of how to play the game now.

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