How long to keep Saniderm on Tattoo? 3 Simple and Easy Ways!

Having a new tattoo may be both thrilling and unsettling, especially if you have any concerns or uncertainties regarding tattoo maintenance. Now, it’s likely that your tattoo artist has already covered most of this material, but if you have any questions, you’ve come to the correct spot. How long to keep Saniderm on tattoo? is one of the most frequently asked topics, which will be covered in the sections that follow.

What is Saniderm?

We believe it is crucial that readers understand Saniderm as well as what it accomplishes before moving on to the primary topic of this essay.

Saniderm on tattoois a bandage for tattoos that is used to cover a fresh tattoo, often known as a wound that is open, until it begins to shut and heal. The most important phase of a tattoo is the open stage, which also calls for the greatest maintenance and consideration.

In your initial 24 to 48 hours after getting your tattoo, you might have observed that it continued to be bleeding and gushing blood, plasma, and perhaps more ink. This is a typical event that takes place throughout the early phases of recovery. In most cases, your tattoo will stop bleeding and leaking within the first couple of days. After that, it will begin to dry out, seal, form scabs, and finally heal completely.

How long to keep Saniderm on Tattoo?

A fresh tattoo, which is essentially an open wound, can become infectious rather rapidly without any early protection. Without any kind of safeguard, the ‘wound’ is open to various bacteria, irritants, dirt, pet hair, and friction. Nevertheless, the tattoo is shielded from possible infection and bacterial growth by wearing a Saniderm on tattoo bandage. The bandage prevents the passage of water, which is necessary for healing, but because it is porous and breathable, it also enables oxygen to dry out the tattoo and promotes appropriate healing.

How Does It Work?

As previously explained, the Saniderm on tattoo bandage functions in a way that shields the tattoo from external contaminants that might cause infection while still allowing the tattoo to heal. The tattoo begins to dry up and undergo its initial recovery stage with less risk of infection, while the covering is porous and breathable.

How long to keep Saniderm on Tattoo?

How Long Should I leave Saniderm on Tattoo?

Here’s all you need to know about leaving the adhesive bandage on the new tattoo, per the guidelines on the Saniderm website:

  1. You must maintain the initial Saniderm bandages on your fresh tattoo for somewhere between 8 and 24 hours after applying it. This is often the time when your tattoo will cease bleeding and leaking and begin to heal. The length of the so-called weeping phase of the tattoo will vary depending on how quickly each person heals.
  2. As soon as the Saniderm on tattoo bandage’s stickiness begins to wane, you should remove it immediately. If the adhesion is compromised, your tattoo is no longer safeguarded, which is a negative indicator since dirt, bacteria, water, and any other illness-causing elements can enter the tattoo region and potentially trigger an infection.
  3. Whatever how long the Saniderm on tattoo bandages have been on, you should change or eliminate them if you find that your tattoo is bleeding or oozing more than usual. Because there is greater skin damage and more surplus ink the tattoo is removing in the first few hours, this typically happens with tattoos involving colorwork and extreme intensity.
  4. No matter how much fluid has accumulated, you shouldn’t be using your Saniderm on tattoo bandage for a period of time exceeding 24 hours. The tattooed region must be cleaned after the first 24 hours before you may change a bandage with a new one.
  5. To keep the tattoo wet and moisturised, it is advised to apply just a little of an aftercare cream or moisturiser between the bandages. People with dehydrated skin or those who live in low-humidity settings are strongly advised to do this. Since it is normally advised not to apply any ointment to a new tattoo, we are not sure about this Saniderm on tattootip; therefore, make sure to speak with your tattoo artist about it.
  6. According to the directions on the Saniderm website, a bandage shouldn’t be worn for longer than seven days in a row.
  7. Once your last Saniderm bandage has been taken off, be careful to wash the tattoo area with warm water as well as soap that is antibacterial. Next, tap-dry it with a fresh paper towel while allowing it to finish drying naturally. You should be able to keep the tattoo moist at this time by applying light layers of lotion. However, avoid over-moisturising the tattoo since this can result in moisture accumulation, sluggish healing, and infection.

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