How to Open can without can Opener? 3 Easy Ways Step by Step

Mostly People Asked about How to Open can without can Opener? While most canned products have an easy-open tab, the tab may break, or they can not have one. How about no can opener? So, what do you do while you’re starving? No can opener? No problem!? Discover how to open a can without a can opener.

3 Methods of How to Open can without can Opener

1. Use a Survival or Pocket Knife

  1. Any moderately sized knife would suffice, whether it was the blades of a Pocket knife, a kitchen knife, or a survivalist knife. Follow these instructions to opening a can with a knife:
  2. Place the can upright on a flat, stable, level ground.
  3. Take an opposite on the knife. Maintain the knife’s vertical profile and press the tip of the blades against the inside edge of such can’s lid.
  4. Using your free hand, fiercely but cautiously “pound” the knife’s blade, palms down. If you don’t believe you could pound the knife in hard sufficient, have used a brick or a boulder to hammer it in, taking care not to strike your hand or break the knife.
  5. Reposition the knife at the sharp end of the hole you produced and repeat steps 3 and 4 until about the lid’s edge is entirely “encircled” with puncture wounds.
  6. Carefully peel the can presently lids off. Accomplish not use your fingers to do this because they can’s jagged edges are exceedingly sharp. You may pry this cover off with a tiny knife if you desire.
How to open Can With out can opener

2. Using a Spoon

Yes, you can open a can with a spoon. Only make sure the spoon is made of steel and not wood or plastics, and therefore it is well-made. Have used a spoon rather than a metal “spork”; the little tines may flex or break off if the lid is not perforated.

How to open Can With out can opener

To open a can with a spoon, perform the following: 

  1. Place the can on a level, flat surface.
  2. Using the same technique as in method 1, grip the spoon tightly and place the tip of the spoon just on the edge of the lid. Make sure the spoon’s “bowl” is towards the middle of a can.
  3. Keep the spoon on one point of the lid, then “rock” the spoon in a back-and-forth “sawing” motion while pressing down just on the lid. This constant action will wear down and completely puncture the can’s lid.
  4. After piercing the cover, continue the action until the whole lid has indeed been “sawn” off.
  5. Pry the lid apart slowly by placing the spoon under there. As the content of the can are revealed, gently move the spoonful higher. Please remember that the pried lid’s corners would be sharp. You are utilizing your hand to open the lid completely, but only wearing gloves or using a cloth, cloth, rags, or shirt sleeves for security.

3. Tin Snips

If you don’t have any other tools but have tin snips, anyone can use them to open a can. Tin cuts are among the easiest and “cleanest” procedures since there is little risk of leaking the contents of a can, and the lid is less likely to behave edges. To break a can, use kitchen shears as directed.

  1. Hold the tin snips securely and in the usual manner, and set a can on a stable level surface. Avoid using this approach while carrying the can in your other hand, on your lap, or between your legs to minimize inadvertent damage.
  2. Did you notice the “lip” which runs around the whole top of a can? With tin snips, cut an edge into that.
  3. Keep cutting into the lip, twisting the can slightly as you go.
  4. Carefully peel the lid off after you’ve removed around 70 to 80 per cent of the lip.

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