How to Keep Crawfish Alive? 5 Simple and Easy Steps!

Mostly People asked about, How to Keep Crawfish Alive? When eating your crawfish, you must keep them alive. Cooking crawfish as soon as you buy them is the most effective way to enjoy them. They taste best when made with extremely fresh ingredients. You are going to need to keep crawfish Alive if you would like to keep them alive for more than a day or two.

How to Keep Crawfish Alive?

5 Important Steps of How to Keep Crawfish Alive?

How to Keep Crawfish Alive?
  1. Keep them in the original sack.

Keeping the crawfish Alive in the bag they were packaged in at all times. Wash the bag with water. If not, they will start to dry out. The crawfish should be wet, but you don’t want to drown them in water. Additionally, avoid storing the bag upright.

  1. Store them in an ice chest or plastic tub.

Put the crawfish in big ice chests or a sizable plastic container to keep them alive. Next, cover the breast bag with a cloth that has been thoroughly moistened. After that, put a bag of ice or some cool gel packs on top of the container. Maintain the crawfish shielded from winds in an area that is dark and cool.

How to Keep Crawfish Alive?
  1. Keep them cool.

Place a few exposed frozen cubes on top from time to time. The crawfish are going to benefit from the ice cubes’ cooling properties as well as their ability to let humidity out, which keeps them wet. At regular intervals, swap out the ice or gel pack.

The crawfish will drown if you put them in water. Additionally, avoid putting them in the fridge. If the water around you is too cold for you to swim in, it will be too freezing for the crawfish as well.

How to Keep Crawfish Alive?
  1. Keep them in a safe place.

Make sure to keep youngsters and pets outside of the bag. Keep them indoors if you don’t want to attract wildlife by keeping them outdoors.

  1. Cook and serve them.

The crawfish should be submerged beneath the water for 20 to 30 minutes whenever you are prepared to wash them. Add salt to them throughout the final scrubbing to get them ready for cooking. They may be prepared by putting them in a boiling basket and bringing a pot of water to a boil before immersing them for fifteen minutes in the water. After that, you ought to take off the heat and give them at least fifteen minutes in order to simmer down.

Crawfish can be eaten by itself. Combine them with potatoes and corn to create a more conventional dinner. Instead of stressing over whether or not you are able to keep your crawfish alive, think about visiting a local crawfish restaurant. The tasty crawfish flesh may then be enjoyed without any effort. For guidance and additional information, get in touch with a business like the crawfish guy.

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