How to get rid of flies in garage 5 easy and simple ways

How to get rid of flies in garage

Are there flies flying around in your garage? It’s okay to have one or two flying around once in a while, but when there are a million of them, you have a problem. These bugs are very annoying and bring disease into your home. That’s why we’re here to talk about an 5 easy ways for How to get rid of flies in garage.

Reasons for Flies in the Garage

How to get rid of flies in garage

Fly activity in and around your garage is likely due to something these bothersome bugs are eating in there. Flies can lay eggs and have babies at an alarming rate once they are drawn into the room. An adult female fly can lay up to a thousand eggs in her lifetime. The eggs can hatch in as little as 12 hours. Some flies can get in through an open door or a window frame gap and become a big problem.

5 easy ways to get rid of flies in garage

Here are 5 easy and simple ways which help you sole this question and quarry How to get rid of flies in garage:

How to get rid of flies in garage

1. Remove the Attractants in Your Garage

  • “Why are there flies in my garage?” is your first thought. Like all bugs, flies are drawn to three main things: food, water, and a place to lay their eggs. Flies need still water to lay their eggs, and puddles or buckets in your garage can be just the thing. Fly food can be found in garbage cans left open for a long time, and bright lights will bring them in through any holes they can find.
  • To begin, cover all of your trash cans, get rid of any leftover water, and seal up any openings you can find in your garage. This will help keep more flies from coming in, but the ones already there will stay there without any active bug control methods.
  • Bins and trash cans should only be used for dry (or nearly dry) trash. The extra weight of the water in trash bags makes them more likely to break when put in the dumpster and pressed down. Food and biological matter break down faster when liquids are in the dumpster.
  • Flies are drawn to food, water, organic matter breaking down, and pleasant smells.

2. Take out the trash and lock the lids to get rid of flies in garage

How to get rid of flies in garage
  • Keeping your trash and leftovers in your garage could make flies want to come in. Flies love to eat trash and food waste. You can fix this in three ways:
  • Get rid of all the trash and broken things in the garage. Put the trash cans somewhere else, like in the yard far away. Or, put trash in shopping bags and take them to the trash can outside every day. That way, all of your trash will stay outside the house
  • Get trash cans with lids that lock so flies can’t get to the things inside. Or, get a trash can with a cover that keeps flies from smelling what’s inside.
  • Use the trash cans you already have, but put a garbage guard under the lid. Flies and other bugs can’t live in trash cans for up to 4 months with this cool little box.

3. Using Fly Swatters to get rid of flies in garage

How to get rid of flies in garage
  • A fly swatter is the old-fashioned way to eliminate a few flies buzzing around your garage. Here are our top picks for fly swatters that will do the job well. Based on your mood, this method for getting rid of flies in your shed can be fun or annoying.
  • These fly swatters work best for killing flies that land on surfaces. The swatters come in many different styles, some of which destroy the flies and collect their bodies so that you don’t attract more flies.
  • This machine looks like a gym ball or tennis stick. It’s a fly swatter that runs on batteries, stuns, and kills flies with electricity. Instead of sitting on a surface to scythe flies, you will fly through the air with this tool.
  • It has a target and a shooting system that sends table salt at flies to kill them. They work but are more complicated to use and leave a mess. Still, they’re better for people who don’t want to hit a stick.

4. Using Fly Bait to Get Rid of a Flies in Your Garage

  • For getting rid of flies in your garage, this works well. Close all the windows and doors to stop more flies from entering the garage. If you remove the trash, the eggs won’t be able to hatch into more flies. Next, use fly food to catch any bugs still in the garage. Then, do the following steps to clean up the area.
  • Put half a cup of fly food in a pan made of metal or plastic.
  • Add water or old beer to the fly bait to make it wet.
  • Keep the box out of reach of kids and pets by putting it on a high shelf or wall in your shed.
  • Watch the bait until the flies start to eat it. Please take out the dead flies often and throw them away in a plastic bag to keep other flies from coming.
  • When you need to, add more bait pellets.
  • Once all the flies are gone, please take out the bait containers and throw them away in the trash in sealed bags.

5. Make your fly traps with soda bottles to get rid of flies in garage

You can make your fly traps and put them in your garage to get rid of flies.

It’s really simple!

  • To make fly traps out of old drink bottles, follow these steps:
  • Take off the drink bottle’s lid and use scissors to cut off the top quarter.
  • Get enough liquid together to fill the bottom third of the soda bottle. The liquid should have something flies want to drink, so they fly into the bottle and die. It can be soda, sugar water, or apple cider vinegar mixed with a few drops of dish soap.
  • The drink bottle’s top should be turned over and put inside the bottle’s bottom.
  • Put some of these fly traps made from soda bottles around your garage so kids and pets can’t get to them.

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