How to clean PS5 easily? Some Easy Steps for PS5

Today I’m going to show you How to clean PS5 easily? So there are several things you’re going to need. If you’re going to be cleaning out your PS five, I always use a cleaning brush. Depending on how far you’re going, you’ll need some tools, and I use the I fix it pro tech toolkit.

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How to clean PC5 easily

Some Easy Steps of How to clean PC5 easily?

 I also use a can of canned air and a mini vacuum. So I like to say the PS five has three cleaning stages, going from easiest to hardest. So I’m going to start with stage one. It would help if you pulled up on this corner to get the cover off, then push that way. Then we need to do the same for the bottom surface, pull up and go. Now that we have the covers off, we can see the intake and exhaust areas on the PS five. So here is one intake area, and on the bottom side is the other intake area. So the first stage of cleaning will be cleaning these intake fans.

And for those, you’ll need something like a cleaning brush that can get in there and get any dirt or dust out of these fins, and then you can go along with canned air and clean it all off like that. Once that’s done, you can do the same thing on the top side, clean off any dirt, hair, or debris built up on these fins, and then blow it off with canned air.

How to clean PC5 easily

About How to clean PC5 easily? Now, if you have dust buildup on these intake fins, you’ll likely have some dust buildup on the top and bottom plastics; what I usually do with any dust that’s built up, if it is not loose dust, if it’s caked on, you need to loosen it with a brush or something like that. And then once it’s flexible, I go in with canned air and just kind of blow it off. And then, if I want to get it clean, I use some isopropyl alcohol, and something like a paper towel or even a microfiber cloth works fine. And then go through and clean all the dust that is still on the cover.

Now obviously, this PS five is completely clean as these consoles came out, but I wanted to get a jump on showing you how to clean them; you can keep your PS five running cleaner and longer; you can use that same method for the top cover. We can do one other thing as part of stage one. And that is use this hole and this hole to clean out any dust that builds up down here. Unfortunately, these are super tiny holes and a regular vacuum. Even this mini vacuum can’t even get close to reaching down there.

So if you’re trying to clean out the dust from these holes, you have to use something with a much smaller hose. You can use something like a data vac or get kits that have smaller hoses for regular vacuums. But in all honesty, I don’t think cleaning out these two holes will do too much. If you have a very dirty console, that’s all there is to stage one, and if you clean your PS five out a lot, you should be good to go. But if you notice a lot of dust buildup in your fan, we move on to stage two.

How to clean Ps5 easily

 Now stage two is going to take a little bit more disassembly. And you’re also going to need a screwdriver with a T eight security torques, but a t nine also usually works. You will need to remove this little piece right here, which is pretty easy, we need to pull up on it, and that gets started, and then that whole piece will come off. After that pieces off, we can remove these four screws off of this fan plate. And then this plate comes off; we need to remove this black, and he said piece.

Then we need to disconnect the fan. And to do that, I’m going to grip with my pliers right on the edge of this white plastic piece. This more yellowish plastic piece is connected to the motherboard. So don’t pull on that. So you can see how I’m just on that white part. I’m going to go back and forth while I pull up. And that gets the fan connector right off.

And now we can remove the fan and pull it straight up and out. To clean the fan on the PS five, it’s going to be the same sort of thing. We will use this cleaning brush to get in and clean any dust off of the fans. Anything that is caked on won’t come off with a vacuum or canned air. I’ll go through and clean off with the brush, and then you can also come on the backside do the same thing and then down in here. And then after it’s loose, we can come in with a vacuum and vacuum it up and then we can do the same thing on this top side.

How to clean Ps5 easily?

Just go with the cleaning brush to clean out any caked-on dirt and dust. Then we can go into the vacuum or canned air and get the dust out, so once the fan is completely clean, we can also get to the heat sinks from right inside the fan hole. To do that, we need to flip it up like this, And then you can see the heatsink right here. There’s also another heatsink back in here further; once again, I’ll be using this cleaning brush to clean off the heatsink, and I’m just going to get it as far back as I can safely without jamming it in.

 And I’ll go along and clean any dust off of the fins like this. Now on a console with a lot of dust buildup, we’ll need to go in with a vacuum and suck all of that out. You can use canned air if necessary, but a vacuum is excellent because it just gets all of the dust and pulls it into the void. Instead of using canned air well, that pushes dust all around everything else.

Also, if you notice a thick layer of dust and debris on these heatsink fins, you need to clean that out because that will cause overheating. Still, more importantly, you need to locate your PS five somewhere else because it’s just picking up way too much dirt and hair and debris, and it’s just going to keep having this problem if you leave it where it is.

How to clean Ps5 easily

So that’s the end of stage two. Hopefully, that’s enough cleaning, and you can just put it together from there. But if you still have a lot of dirt and dust buildup inside your PS five, we need to move on to stage three. For Stage Three. We’re going to be removing this cable, we’re going to release this top case and then we’re going to pull the motherboard and heatsink sandwich out of the PS five, so then we can do further cleaning

don’t forget the expandable hard drive slot screw and the silver screw on the disk drive. And then, we can remove the plastic midframe from the PS five. Once that’s released, we can remove the disk drive; we need to push down on this silver lock and then wiggle the ribbon cable out and pull the disk drive. With the disk drive out, we need to remove this ribbon cable, these cable connectors here, this ribbon cable, this ribbon cable. Once those are all pulled, we need to remove this black screw.

How to clean Ps5 easily

We need to flip it over and remove this screw in this screw. Now we can flip it back over, and now is the fun part we have to remove 41 screws from around this metal plate; we don’t need to remove this screw right here or this screw right here

and with those 41 screws removed, then we can move this top plate before I do too much with this full plate I do want to mention it is essential to clean this heatsink as well and it’s the same process. With this brush. Just clean up the fins using this side of the meeting or this side. Now we can disconnect this massive ribbon cable right here. Then we can lift out the motherboard and heat sink sandwich. There we go.

The first thing you want to do with your PS five is clean out the power supply vent holes once you get that out. You can see that there are many holes in the power supply right here. Air goes in there and exits here to help keep the power supply cool. And we use the same method we’ll go through with this cleaning brush and then go through with the vacuum or canned air to remove all of the dirt from around the power supply. Once the power supply is clean, we can worry about the heatsink fins.

Now to clean out the heatsink on the PS five. We can tip it up like this and then take the cleaning brush and get it down as far as we can and the fans without jamming it down there too far and then sweep up just like this. And that will remove any dust that’s caked onto the fans of the PS five and then want to do the same thing on this site. The small end of the brush gets into these tighter spaces more manageable, and then the same thing over here. Now, I usually go through with a vacuum and vacuum out the fins after loosening the dust.

How to clean PS5 easily? 

and then, after that, I’ll take some canned air and blow out any loose dust back through the fans out the other side of the heat sinks. Once these heat sinks are spotless, we’re done with stage three. Now, all there is left to do is assemble the PS five. I’ll be just working backwards from when I took it apart, and we’ll first instal the motherboard.

Then we can instal this plate with the 41 screws to speed this process up a little bit. And once those are all installed, we need to instal this black screw over here. Then we flip it over and instal the two black screws on the bottom. One goes here, and one goes here. Then we can flip it back over and instal all the ribbon cables and Wi-Fi Bluetooth connectors.

Once those are all installed, we can put the disk drive back in. Be sure that the holes are lined up on the disk drive before placing them on the plastic midframe. Then, we can install the screws and these cables and put the cover on the expansion drive slot. Next is the fan

How to clean PC5 easily

And the fan cover next, the plastic vent piece goes on. We’ve got one little tab here and one little account here. So one tab is going to go over here. Yeah, there’s going to go right in here. Then it just clips down like that. Don’t forget the plastic cover that goes over these wires.

And then the bottom surface goes on. And then the whole body, and that is how you clean the PlayStation five. Be sure to check out all of my fixes. It’s excellent deals going on now through the end of the year, and I fix Fix. Thank you so much for watching, and I hope you have a good one.

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