How To Clean Playing Cards? 5 Easy Methods To Clean Playing Cards

When you have dirt on your cards, it makes shuffling tough. And many individuals desire simple suggestions, and their most common question is “How to Clean Playing Cards?” As a result, it is critical to maintaining your cards clean. So I’ll go over a couple of ways to clean them here. I’ve tested and proven them all! You are free to choose your favourite from this list!

How to Clean Playing Cards?

5 Easy Methods of cleaning Playing Cards

Wet Tissues

Wet wipes can be handy if your cards are not extremely dirty, but you want to sanitize them after only one or two usages and don’t want to spend much time doing so. Keep a supply of wipes or tissues on hand at all times, then clean your cards after each game. You will be able to safeguard your cards for just a more extended period and eliminate dust, filth, and crunchies in the process.

How to Clean Playing Cards?

White Bread

If you want to remove fingerprints spots from a card, massage it with a slice of white bread. Check to see that the bread is fresh and tender before you eat it. Remove the cards from the deck after a few repeats with a dry cloth and wipe them clean. Using this procedure, not only do the cards get clean, but they also get shiny!

How to Clean Playing Cards?

Corn Flour & Talcum Powder

To use this safe procedure, you may clean your magical cards in a short amount of time. Make use of the everyday items in your home to assist you. For starters, fill a paper bag with several teaspoons of corn flour and talcum powder and set it aside to dry. Close the bag and shake it vigorously. After that, use a hand towel and wipe every card clean. This method allows you to remove oil and grease stains off playing cards promptly. There would be no need for water because the starch would absorb the oils and residues.

How to clean Playing Cards?

Camphor Spirits and Cotton Balls

The method of resurrecting antique playing cards is relatively complicated. Such playing cards may necessitate extra care and consideration, as well as additional time. To wash the filthy deck, you should soak a cotton ball with a spirit of camphor and wipe it off with it. After that, use it to wipe off each playing card. If you can’t find any cotton balls, you can substitute crustless white bread soaked in Camphor spirit instead. This procedure is perfect for making your old playing cards appear fresh.

How to Clean Playing Cards?

Cold Water and Mild Soap

Many of you could have plastic cards. So, what is the best way to clean plastic playing cards? Plastic cards, on the other hand, are simple to clean. It is possible to use this procedure if you do have high-quality plastic-coated cards on hand. Take a fresh microfiber towel or an old lint-free cloth and place it on the table. Should soak it with cold water. You could also use a small amount of mild dish soap and shampoo to finish the job. Wipe both surfaces with a damp towel, and then clean them again with a dry cloth to remove any remaining residue. Never substitute detergent for soap since it may cause damage to your deck.

How to Clean Playing Cards?

Additionally, do every work to finish the washing and drying procedure as quickly as possible. If you want to let them dry on the bed, that’s fine too. Avoid direct sunshine, on the other hand. Some individuals even recommend using hair dryers or microwaves to dry wet cards if they are still damp. These approaches, on the other hand, are a no-no when it comes to plastic cards. They can, without a doubt, expedite the procedure, but they might also cause additional problems with your beloved deck of cards.

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