How to open a can without a can opener?4 easy and simple steps

It can seem impossible to open a can without a can opener, but clever methods exist to open the tin without using the conventional implement. If you lose or forget your can opener while camping, during a power outage, or just because you lost it, these helpful tips will save you from hunger. From everyday things to simple techniques, In this article we will discuss 4 easy and simple methods about how to open a can without a can opener? 

How to open a can without a can opener?

Methods for how to open a can without a can opener? 

Use a Spoon for open a can without a can opener 

How to open a can without a can opener?
  • This is likely the best way to open a can when you don’t have a can opener. You only need to worry about breaking the spoon, so choose a simple but still made of a strong metal.
  • Place the can on a flat surface, like a desk or table, to open it.
  • Place the “bowl” of the spoon inside the can so that the edge is right between the lip of the can and the “inner ring.” This is where you would typically put a manual can opener.
  • Grasp the spoon’s bowl and rub it back and forth in the crack around the edge of the can with one hand. The metal will get worn down from doing this over and over.
  • Do it over and over in the same spot. Once the metal is punctured, press the spoon into the hole to make it bigger
  • Move the spoon to the next spot. Please do it again and again until the whole can is used up. Pop the top off with the spoon, pour the food, and enjoy.

Hammer it Out for open a can without a can opener 

This technique resembles how hammers and chisels were used to open iron cans.

  • Push a flat-head screwdriver into the can’s rim.
  • Take the hammer out, but don’t hit anything. Tap the screwdriver head carefully to make a hole in the can until it shows up. The hole should be big enough to let liquids through.
  • Do it again if you need to make the hole bigger for more giant foods like green beans.

Use chef’s knife for open a can without a can opener 

  • Using the tip of a chef’s knife to cut open a can is safer than using the point, which can easily slip and hurt you. The heel is the part of the knife that hits the handle the most. Some knives have bolsters that go over the heel as a safety measure. For this to work, the blade cannot have one of those.
  • Hold the can firmly and place it on a flat, stable surface.
  • Put the knife’s heel inside the can’s rim so that it sticks out.
  • Point the corner of the blade into the can.
  • Keep your hands and fingers safe until the whole lid is broken. You shouldn’t eat canned goods that could hurt you or send you to the emergency room.

Use Pocket knife for open a can without a can opener 

  • A knife can also open a can, but you should be careful with the blade and the can’s sharp edges. Because it will touch the food in the can, ensure your knife is clean.
  • Stick your knife straight up and down so that the sharp end is on the inside edge of the can. 
  • Press down on the knife with your other hand while holding the handle in the other hand. The hard part of your palm below your thumb or the hard part below your pinky finger will work. Hit the knife’s handle with your palm to make it go into the can. This might need to be done more than once before you can open the can.
  • After making a slit in the can, push the handle down on the knife so it presses against the inside top of the can and makes the hole bigger.
  • While moving the knife along, keep the edge against the outside edge of the can and press against the inside lid to cut around the can. 
  • Cut it open enough to flip the top over and get to the food inside.  The best way to get to the contents of a can is usually with a very sharp knife, like a chef’s knife. Be careful, though, because it’s also the least safe. People say the chef’s knife is one of the most valuable knives because it can cut everything from vegetables to meat. It’s usually about 8 inches (20 centimeters) long

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