Top 10 Best Airports In The World

All these gateways to the world make you hope for a delay. Welcome to neat blogs and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 best airports in the world.

For this list, we’re ranking airports around the world by considering things like aesthetics and hospitality. Oh, and efficiency too, because wherever we are, let’s keep things moving.

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10: Kuala Lumpur International Airport:

Kuala Lumpur International Airport single or Malaysia. At each entrance on this list is unique having at least one quality that makes it stand out from all the slow infuriating airports out there?

Well, I’m home with this is where all of us start our journey here in Malaysia at the satellite terminal Kuala Lumpur is attraction happens to be a glorious indoor rainforest.

Top 10 Best Airports In The World
Kuala Lumpur International Airport is one of Malaysia Airport with heavy air traffic system

Yep, you heard that right. smack dab in the middle of Terminal A is a purportedly natural rainforest for tourists to wander at as they wait for flights. Admittedly some of the other terminals at Kuala Lumpur have received mixed reviews for cleanliness and comfort. But when an airport rocks a rainforest, you just have to award it some style points.

9: Tao Yuan International Airport:

Tell you on International Airport tell you on Taiwan, trust us you’re gonna want to familiarise yourself with this one.

Contrary to the typical travel experience, waiting for your flight to tell you on is actually enjoyable. Among its plethora of perks. The airport offers a free travel library for visitors to browse

Top 10 Best Airports In The World
Taoyuan airport in taiwan at night

At the Tao Yuan international airport we established an airport library with 1200 books and are encouraging those with a collection of books to donate to us.

You can also get a massage, but not just any old massage. The airport employees are Blind Citizens of Tao Yuan and they offer some killer back rubs.

It will also be a place where people can take a break, enjoy energize and relax,

but taking the cake is it’s Hello Kitty themed gate in terminal two. gate C three is decked out floor to ceiling and pink, white and everything cute paying a visually impressive homage to Hello Kitty.

8: Heathrow Airport London, England:

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. In

2015. Heathrow was ranked as the sixth busiest airport in the world handling just shy of 75 million passengers, so we sort of expect you to be familiar with this one. Despite that traffic, it somehow remains unbelievably clean, as well as efficient. In addition to its chic modern lounge areas and an excellent shopping selection that’s ranked eighth in the world.

Heathrow also houses an inspiring collection of works from up and coming British artists. So maybe it doesn’t have one standout attraction, but it’s Heathrow’s class that sets it apart

7: Zurich airport, Zurich, Switzerland:

Zurich airport, Zurich, Switzerland leave it to the Swiss to get us out of our gates lounge chairs and shutting off Netflix in favour of the pursuit of excitement.

Zurich embraces its nation’s physical attractions and encourages those with a layover to explore by offering bike and skate rentals. Or you can go to their observation decks to take in the surroundings from afar.

Top 10 Best Airports In The World
Photo taken January 8th, 2022, Zurich, Switzerland.

Does it happen to be your child’s birthday with some notice you can actually organise a party complete with an excursion through the airport and cake. And of course you can stay in and enjoy some highly rated in house hospitality. But with adventure on the table we say when in Rome, Lord you know when in Zurich,

6: Dubai International Airport:

Dubai International Airport, Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, think of the style and flair we get from Dubai in movies. We’re picturing Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Anyway, the Dubai airport radiates that same style. It has a modern design, complete with an elegant Zen garden if you’re looking for a peaceful moment during your travels, but don’t worry, it’s not all style and no substance.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – March 29, 2019: General view of Dubai International Airport Terminal 3 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is the world’s busiest airport by international passenger traffic.

In fact, the quality of your stay is probably what will stand out the most sure you can shop but what really strikes travellers are the snooze cubes, private luxury hideaways where you can drift off into Dreamland.

Yep. In Dubai. Your Dreams really do come true. Sorry. We had to say it.

5: Hong Kong International Airport:

Hong Kong International Airport sec lap Kok Hong Kong to meet growing demand for aviation service and enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness.

The airport authority is committed to continuous improvement and timely development, despite the fact that its airport is also one of the busiest in the world having trafficked over 68 million passengers in 2015 Hong Kong still found a way to make Hong Kong International more of a tourist attraction than a travel necessity.

Top 10 Best Airports In The World
Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong – June 15, 2016 : Hong Kong International Airport At Sunset. Hong Kong Airport Is The World’s Busiest For Cargo And One Of The Busiest In The World For Passenger Traffic.

Yeah, sure. It has all the amenities to make you comfortable while you wait for your flight. But seriously, who cares about that when you have the nation’s biggest IMAX theatre to check out and seriously who cares about that? At when you can play a quick round on a gorgeous nine hole golf course.

We’re gonna go ahead and assume that these Hong Kong flights never take off because why would anyone ever leave facilities and services including retail shops, catering outlets, children’s TV, lounge, and free internet are available at the midfield concourse

4: Tokyo International Airport:

Tokyo International Airport, also known as Haneda Airport, Tokyo, Japan, Hey, what’s with all these busy airports making our list? Okay, maybe it actually makes sense. People keep coming back for a reason. Tokyo International Airport was the world’s fifth busiest airport in 2015. But it sacrifices nothing in terms of service. Tokyo doesn’t have a major attraction like a rainforest or a golf course. But it does offer arguably the most comfortable state in the world.

Tokyo, Japan – View of a row of aircrafts in Tokyo Haneda International Airport in the morning.

It’s not confusing not to say that every day is confusing, but it’s not confusing, and very clearly, a pleasure to be here

travellers have praised the airport for being incredibly clean and highly efficient and for its wonderful hospitality. Tokyo Haneda even offers delicious food options for visitors to scarf down.

3: Munich Airport Freising, Germany:

Munich Airport Freising, Germany, Munich operates at the peak of efficiency effortlessly moving its passengers, but that doesn’t mean it’s skimped on comfort nowadays,

Munich Airport is one of the most efficient and profitable Airports Worldwide. And according to Skytrax, it is also one of the most convenient airports for our Prime customers, the passengers

Top 10 Best Airports In The World
Munich Airport, Munich, Bavaria, Germany

Munich offers several relaxation zones for those trying to escape the stress of travel, while those looking for a bit of entertainment have more options than they know what to do with Munich boasts a casino brewery mini golf course and apparently occasionally host surfing competitions.

So let’s give Germany some credit. It looks like in addition to their efficiency, they also know how to have some fun. The German president went on to assure the world that Germans have a great sense of humour.

2: Incheon International Airport in Shan:

Incheon International Airport in Shan, South Korea, okay, yeah, fantastic shopping, dining, hospitality. We get it Inchon has to stand out. Don’t worry, it does.

First of all, this airport is recognised the world over as the cleanest, but South Korea’s Incheon Airport really stands out because it’s grounded in culture. It houses Korean Cultural street, a terminal full of traditional Korean architecture. It also has a museum of Korean culture and a multitude of performances including the walk of the royal family a reenactment of the daily life of royalty in Korea’s historic chosen kingdom, you won’t be able to leave in Sean without a deep love for Korean culture.

Seoul, South Korea – 16 October 2017: LG’s airport cleaning robot in main hall of Incheon airport.

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are some honourable mentions. Welcome to O’Hare International Airport. We’d like to remind you this is a smoke free airport.

According to the international aviation administration, the number of passengers reached 390 million in 2014, ranking second in the world.

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1: Singapore Changi Airport, Jang Yi Singapore:

Singapore Changi Airport, Jang Yi Singapore. Singapore Chang Yi is the undisputed champion of airports holding the top spot as best airports since 2013. According to Skytrax, Singapore Chang Yi tops all the categories it’s extremely efficient but also gives travellers a luxurious day.

It offers a free yes free movie theatre of fish spa to ease the barking feet of the weary traveller, a regular spa and a koi pond. It also showcases unsurpassed beauty and its many themed gardens, including a mesmerising butterfly garden, then, of course, there’s the giant multistory slide.

Top 10 Best Airports In The World
Busy Airport

You can’t help but give a ride. So yes, Singapore Changi can just go ahead and drop the mic on all the other airports. Do you agree with our list? What airport do you think is the best in the world?

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