Top 10 Mistakes Dubai Drivers Should Avoid In RTA Road Test!

Hi dear reader, you are most welcome and today we’ll learn all about those top 10 mistakes dubai drivers should avoid in RTA road test. Please keep reading till the end.

Driving test we have to understand that the examiner it’s a sole responsibility of the examiner to make a person pass or fail according to his performance.

So, the students should understand that first of all he has to perform like a driver not like a student and he has to be calm, relaxed and in a happy mood you pass signal test is what is the name of this site?

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Make The Needed Observation:

So, what are we supposed to do when we see the sign from far away should not enter the key to safe driving is observation?

So the student has to do the main duty while driving is observe all round look ahead. Even if there is a car ahead of you, we are not supposed to fix the eyes on that car itself we have to see what is going to happen.

And of that car and keep observing for other road users and traffic signs which are kept alongside the road that is also for the information and to be given to the drivers okay Mr. Sameen please make a U turn from traffic signal.

I’m sorry, Monica was close make sure you have safe gap the students normally they’re doing a mistake we can say mistake like while driving, they’re just sticking they’re keeping the focus just near circle in front of the car. What happens the examiner can see this is safe to do a lane change for example.

So he will be asking the student to perform a lane change, but the student was not updating the information from the backside. So he doesn’t know which track is free.

Check For The Cars Coming From Backside!

And how many cars are coming from the backside. Any car is closer or in far distant, they don’t know that as they were not updating.

So, as soon as they listen do the lane change, they will look at the mirror. So they can see a car in the mirror, but they don’t know the speed of the vehicle or the distance of the vehicle. So they will get confused. So sometimes they may delay.

Mistakes Dubai Drivers Should Avoid In RTA Road Test

So the examiner thinks that okay, it is safe to do a lane change, but the student is hesitating to do means he doesn’t have the observation and his judgement is weak poor, then again the store will be thinking if I delay more, the exam will get angry or he may get frustrated by thinking in that way they will take the hassle decision which will be wrong

Mr serving is what is the speed limit of this road 67 So, what was your speed it was more than 60 Why this

other problem happens from the lack of observation is they are not looking at the boards.

The Traffic Signs:

The traffic signs are kept alongside just now I have mentioned that the traffic signs are kept alongside the board to help the drivers to drive safely. So the board is saying this road the speed limit is 60 and the student doesn’t see the board and he doesn’t know what is the speed of this road and he is just accelerating.

Sometimes the speed is 60 and the road situation is supportive to drive to that speed. And the students are hesitating thinking that oh I have to drive like a student I have to be a very good student to get my test passed.

Mistakes Dubai Drivers Should Avoid In RTA Road Test

So I will be helpful. So they are mostly reducing the speed while driving. Especially after reducing the speed or after stopping they’re not moving off the vehicle again.

This is something I applied breathe I’m sorry. I think fast it was fast. So what we have to do we have to approach over Li and brakes should be a blade in advance.

Rules For Brakes:

Yes, not at last moment, heartbreak comes from the from the lack of you know, like distance focus, they are not having it, that means they are looking just closer to the vehicle, that means, if there is a car in front of them, they’ll be looking just behind that car.

And that car may be a well-equipped vehicle, the brake system is much better than your car maybe. And that driver’s attitude is applying the brake at the last moment when he sees something and he’ll be applying the brake.

Mistakes Dubai Drivers Should Avoid In RTA Road Test

So, you won’t be able to apply the brake properly progressively it is called progressive braking you have to apply always. So, you won’t be in a position to apply progress you break and you have to slam the brake. So, it will be making the screeching noise and it is not at all safe it is it could be an accident event

this is something is it we have to look somewhere I just checked this mirror and I was there I think it was first it was not fun, what was his speed?

Students Entering The Main Road:

I’m sorry, could you please the other situation the students are entering the main road merging to the main road. This is also a problem we have seen mostly this one side doing that from the side road to the main road that means the traffic flow on the main road.

So you have to be careful before you enter the main road you are not supposed to make any trouble to the traffic flow on that road. So for the student will be checking making sure so they can see a car is coming from far distance and they are entering and that is that is correct.

They have the space to move. But after entering if they are not accelerating, if they’re not speeding up, then what happens the wait which is coming the same track here the driver will be forced to do heartbreak or to do their lane change that means this student has caused that driver to change the position which is also a failure.

So suddenly, when driving what is the get we have to maintain this weekend you should see the tires of the car it’s moving that is the distance when the vehicle is stationary.

Reasons For Heart-breaking!

But while moving heartbreak happens two reasons. The first reason they are not maintaining the safe distance second reason they’re not looking for distance so they don’t know what is going to happen ahead of them. So they are not able to anticipate they react a driver S F driver must be always proactive, not reactive

Mistakes Dubai Drivers Should Avoid In RTA Road Test

Okay, Mr. Semi does he’s overtaken this vehicle.

So, if there is an obstacle ahead of you, which is forcing you to drive or reduce the speed or to drive below average speed, you are supposed to do the lane change, you cannot continue behind that vehicle. In test time.

Many students are waiting for instruction from the examiner. But the examiner is not supposed to give the instruction examiner has to evaluate that situation. If there is a situation arising in this way, how you are going to react. So you have to do the Lynch’s student has to do the lane change.


At the end of the time, the examiner asked you to do a parking. So mostly the students the the hurry, they rush it so they’ll be doing a hasn’t action to do the parking. So when the examiner says parking first of all, you have to see where the safe parking is.

After that, you’ll see who’s coming from the backside because you’re going to reduce the speed, any change in US speed. It will affect the vehicle which is coming from the backside. So you have to see what’s coming from the backseat.

Mistakes Dubai Drivers Should Avoid In RTA Road Test

Then again, you focus where you want to stop, then apply the brake so the progress you brake it will be appropriate according to the distance I had a few you have to come to the parking and if this man will agree or reduce his gears and come to the parking and park safely.

After entering the parking will reduce the speed to very slow and balance your vehicle far from the road to the edge of the parking to the right hand side and a park safely apply the handbrake you are securing the vehicle not Move then put the gear into neutral overs to the park which is automatic.

Otherwise if it is neutral, then you have to release the clutch if it is manual as as manual suitable now because first of all you are not supposed to release the brake first then clutch. So what happens if the gear is not in neutral the garment gym.

Using Clutch And Breaks:

So, you have to keep pressing the brake, then release the clutch, the clutch is less than you can write, then you have to remove the seatbelt and fasten saying thanks the students are taking the adores from the experience to students, that means the people who have already failed the test. So you have to you have to clearly think that the people who have already failed.

So these students are thinking that the failed students are having the experience and they can help them out.

They take their advice much more than the instructor, which is not a good way. Because for example, if I’m the student I have failed with an examiner and he looks like fat, I’ll be saying that he said that fat guy is very dangerous guy, he will not pass anybody.

Mistakes Dubai Drivers Should Avoid In RTA Road Test

There were four people in my car and none of them passed and two times I have seen he has taken all these people and he failed everybody, maybe those students were not up to the level that’s why he had to fail. But here what happens it will be creating you know like a fear inside you.

Testing The Students Physically:  

So, by chance you are getting the same examiner that means you are pre failed, right psychologically sometimes some students are complaining that the examiners are asking us to do which is which is illegal. That means go to the laundry.

I don’t think any examiner will ask for that because the examiners are not here to trick the students, they are here just to check evaluate the skills of the students. So they will not ask you to do something is illegal or dangerous.

As I mentioned earlier, it is the sole responsibility of the examiner. So if he is putting the student in a dangerous situation, and when something goes danger, before the student he is in trouble. So they will not do that.

Experienced Examiners:

So when the examiner says something examiner’s are taking the test of at least 25 or 30 people a day, and they are well experienced, but they can evaluate the students very easily. So when they say something, you have to fully comply with that, right?

So and at the same time the students they don’t have to just listen for the examiner what this guy is going to know you observe in Yatra you concentrate in your driving, observe all around. So automatically when the examiner says something you will listen and do accordingly.

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That’s all if really it is not, not what that means when the examiner says to do a lane change, for example, examiner is telling you when there is a there is a situation supportive situation to do the lane change. But by the time when the instruction was given, the situation changed. Sometimes it happens. It’s road other road users.

So if you are not able to you try you are not able to It’s okay. It’s okay I can’t the situation is difficult. You can you can continue with. There is no problem in that. But you know in test time we have to think that it is a test. It’s a the person is sitting there on the right hand side, observe you and to evaluate your skill. So be come, be pleasant and be patient. That is the best way to perform a test

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