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Captain playboy philanthropist, politician Prime Minister Imran Khan Yahzee has been called many things in his life a life of contrasts and contradictions alive men in Pakistan can only dream of living. In the next 10 minutes we look at the making of this man, his many avatars, many controversies and the many reasons behind his downfall. Hello and welcome to Gravatars plus and palki shamarpa. This story begins in October 1952.

Five years after Pakistan’s inception, Imran Khan was born to an upper middle class family in Lahore, the exact date of his birth remains a mystery.

His father was a cram Allah honey Ozzy and ethnic Pashtoon from the NIA Ozzy tribe. during the British Raj, he pushed for independence.

His friends described him as fiercely anti colonial post independence he took up a job at Pakistan’s public works department and used his wealth to set up many charities across the country.

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Family Introduction:

Imran Khan’s mother was Chaka Khan and ethnic Pashtoon from the Berkey tribe. She was born in India’s gel and the district to a family of proficient cricketers she later migrated to Lahore.

Imran Khan was the only son with four sisters Rubina Hunnam, a former official at the United Nations, a Lima Harnam and entrepreneur, Ozma Kannamma. surgeon, and Ronnie Hunnam, a philanthropist Imran Khan grew up with the sisters in a relatively affluent and secure environment. His story is not one of rags to riches, but of privilege and opportunity.

Early Education:

He spent the first 17 years of his life in law horse prestigious Atchison College, an all boys school founded by the British in 1868. He then went to the royal drama school in England, Worcester.

And finally, that cable college at the University of Oxford, where he studied philosophy, politics and economics. Interestingly, Benazir Bhutto, another former Pakistani Prime Minister, was also a student at Oxford at the same time.

Author Christopher Stanford says the two were even romantically involved for some time he says that Bhutto was the first one to call him Ron Han the line of Lahore. It was during his days in England that Imran Khan got noticed for his cricketing talent. He played county cricket for watershed and also represented the Oxford blues cricket team.

Imran Khan’s Return To Pakistan:

In 1976, he returned to Pakistan and was part of the national team. He was talented indeed, but some say he got selected.

Even then, two of his maternal cousins, Majid Khan and Javed burki had been captains of the same team report say they may have helped him a gesture he returned by dropping magic count on the team when he became captain.

Life Overview Of Imran Khan

The two did not speak for years apparently reconciled only after Imran Khan entered politics.

A Cricket Star:

By the late 1970s. Imran Khan had become a star, a cricketing sensation one of the best bowlers in the world, a pioneer in the reverse swing technique, or feel he was as much as swinger, a man about town both in London and Lahore. He led a brazenly modern life party just as hard as he played cricket.

The Western press called him an aristocratic Playboy, someone who came from an Islamic country but had nothing remotely Islamic about him.

He will chair supermodels in London’s nightclubs both lounging on his bed and sat in night suits and get click shirtless on beaches with women described as mysterious blondes. His affairs were no mystery though throughout the 1980s he was linked to scores of women, some of whom he also admitted to have dated the last one Sita White is set to have had a love child with Imran Khan, not making this up.

What Happened In 1997?

In 1997. She filed a paternity suit she said that Han was the father of a daughter born out of wedlock The same year, a California Court ruled in her favour. Imran Khan denied these allegations, but several years later, he said he was willing to take the child’s custody.

There are pictures of her with Imran Khan’s two sons which brings us to his marriages. Very interestingly, for the first 42 years of his life, Imran Khan was a bachelor. In the next 25 years he married thrice. In 1995. He married 21 year old Jemima Goldsmith, a British socialite daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, a successful financier and politician.

In 2004, they got divorced because Jemima could not adapt to life in Pakistan. Last year, she posted this quoting a verse from the Quran to slam Imran Khan’s remarks on how women should dress.

I feel incredibly sentimental about Pakistan even though it’s quite a maddening place. Sometimes,

I really hope that Pakistan will come through and have the future that it deserves.

Marrying Rehan Khan:

In January 2015. He married Reham Han, a British journalist of Pakistani origin in October the same year they got divorced Rehan Khan blamed Imran Khan’s reckless lifestyle, also his patriarchal mindset for this

there comes a time where you have to put it just as it is, and you have to do it at the cost of sort of, you know, people assassinating my character or my daughters. We are prepared for that.

In February 2018, four months before he became prime minister Imran Khan mattered Bushra Bibi, a real wearing Sufi scholar, a spiritual mentor and a faith healer.

This is apparently what drew Imran Khan I’m close to her cancer basically naked with him. You can look at him like it could be could be dunya image of insaan product that was Kopargaon electron. Nick Rooney ha ha ha apne track be Ana he I know that I will be.

More About Things Happened In 1995:

Back in 1995. When Imran Khan was asked about his lifestyle he famously said, and I’m quoting, the Playboy image is exaggerated, but I’m not a saint either. I never claimed to be an angel. I’m just a humble sinner.

Speaking of which he was a sinner on the field to Imran Khan had an illustrious career in cricket. He was a formidable player, a great all rounder, a charismatic captain, he or she had Pakistan cricket into its golden era, led his team to victory in the 1992 World Cup selected and trained a host of aspiring players. But for all of his impressive credentials, he was self admittedly achieved.

What Happened In 1994?

In 1994. He confessed to ball tampering on numerous occasions, he said, it was no big deal. Not such a big sin as it is now. He said he never considered a cheating everyone tempered the ball and so did he. Nobody was an angel. exact word spoken.

Although he did try to project himself as one after retirement, an angel who could do no wrong and incorruptible philanthropist.

He got 90,000 euros his prize money after the 92 World Cup he took this money to build a shock at Harlem Hospital, a Cancer Centre in Lahore, named after his mother till date it is Pakistan’s largest tertiary care hospital. It was built on funds from Pakistani citizens and a host of international donors.

His critics say Imran Khan use these funds to build his personal wealth to that he diverted them to offshore accounts in France and Oman, and this was despite the fact that he had inherited three generations of wealth from his father.

Entrance In Politics:

In 1996, Imran Khan entered politics he launched his own political party, the PTI Pakistan tehreek E. Insaaf. He shed His Playboy image transition to a devout Muslim style himself as an anti poverty reformer. He even began counting prayer beads in public.

It seems conflicting though that he did not grow a beard as most devout Muslim men do. Imran Khan’s political views whereas contradicting he upheld liberalism, but also appease the Islamic clergy. He condemned Islamic terrorism but also provided funds to the Pakistani Taliban.

He endorsed free speech but also defended Pakistan’s notorious blasphemy laws. He promised to strengthen democracy, but also supported Pervaiz Musharraf school in 1999. Imran Khan’s critics often said that he should be given the Gamble’s award for all the U turns and lies he delivered with confidence.

But the people of Pakistan IT teams could not care less. They saw no difference in his words and actions in 2002.

Dharna Politics:

They elected him to Pakistan’s National Assembly post which there was no stopping Imran Khan he embarked on Darna politics. He campaigned vocally against corruption, promised to put an end to dynastic politics and raise a whole new class of clean politicians. The promises clicked with his supporters, especially the urban middle class and young people who were tired of Pakistan’s never ending slide into stone age.

Imran Khan capitalised on this wave of disillusionment eventually became the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. But even Pakistani citizens know that his victory was a soft coup engineered by the real rulers, the Pakistan army. Imran Khan was the Army’s man their blue eyed boy they installed him to power hoping he would be a pliable civilian leader.

Life Overview Of Imran Khan

But that was not to be. He has crossed one red line after another undermine the Army’s authority pushed back against their policies. His downfall Make no mistake is not about Pakistan’s economy or the state of democracy as his critics often say.

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Final Thoughts:

It’s about his war with the Pakistan army, his refusal to play into the hands of the generals. And this is a battle he was never going to win. As for the people of Pakistan, they are the ultimate losers in this battle. No Prime Minister of Pakistan has ever completed a full term, not 175 years and not one stable government. There are only lessons to take your lessons on why things need to change. Unfortunately in Pakistan, even change is not inevitable.

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