Introduction to FXPRIMUS: Easy Guide In 3 Minutes

 Introduction to the review

The crypto world has seen a great surge in peoples’ interest to take part in trading. Owning to this surge in peoples’ interest a lot of broker exchanges have been surfaced.  The decision to choose a perfect broker is and was not easy for the users. However, this review will help you to know everything about the Fxprimus so that you can decide whether to invest here or not. Let read this review carefully by sparing a few minutes.

 Introduction to FXPRIMUS

Fxprimus has been facilitating its users since 2009. It is an easy and secure platform that is regulated under CySEC. Fxprimus provides access to a variety of services and access to different types of markets. It gives access to 120 plus trading pairs in different markets and also provides the gold trading platform. The web platform of fxprimus is easy and reliable to use. It offers a demo account worth $50,000 to give a real-time experience to users. The process of withdrawal and deposit is swift and secure. The hard-working team of fxprimus is determined to facilitate users by offering different types of promotions and offers. It is operating in different countries of the world.

 Regulation and safety of FXPRIMUS

Fxprimus is a broker exchange that provides a secure environment for its users to trade and learn about trading. Fxprimus is regulated under the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission with registration number 14595. Primus Africa (Pty) Ltd, regulated by FSCA, with license no. 46675. Primus Global Ltd, regulated by CySEC, with license no. 261/14.It provides safety to its users through negative balance protection and by keeping users’ funds in segregated accounts. Along with this, it also provides an audit of client funds and a third-party monitoring system to ensure the withdrawal swiftly.

 Trading conditions

Fxprimus community is doing its best to provide easy and quality services. However, these services come with certain restrictions that users have to follow. However, these restrictions also provide ease and security to the users of this platform. Following are the offers, spreads, and conditions are offered by FXPRIMUS.

  • Offers
  • Spreads
  • Conditions


  • 100%  bounce on deposit
  • Up to 30 prizes comprising of cash, mobiles, and other valuable items
  • Platinum API
  • The users can convert their accounts into joint and corporate accounts.
  • Professional indemnity insurance up to 5 million EUR


  • ECN premier spreads
  • 10 $ commission per lot
  • Variable spreads
  • No commissions
  • Spreads start from 1:1000
  • Leverage is up to 1:20


  • The minimum deposit is $500
  • The minimum deposit is $2500
  • The minimum deposit is $10,000
  • Sims and VIPs alerts will be paused if there is no trading for 30 days
  •  Fxprimus VPS Service can be gained  by users having a minimum account balance of $500
  • Monthly fee of $30 for the resubscription of VPS service

Test of the FxprimusTrading Platform

Trading is a very tricky sort of thing that needs experience and extensive knowledge. Fxprimus offers a unique and easy to use web-platform to start trading. The platform encapsulates various features, which the users can access after depositing the money into their accounts.

MT-4 Web-platform

MT-4 platform is the most reliable and trustable trading platform in the trading world. It provides users satisfaction and full support of automated trading solutions. After the account creation and depositing of money in the account that users can access the web-platform. It is a very easy to use and reliable platform. On the left-hand side of the platform, there are different currency pairs that one can search. There are multiple trading pairs, forex, indices, and other commodities the users can search as per their interest. There is a big chart view in the middle of the screen; there are multiple options on the screen that users can change as per their choice. For instance, users can select the timings of candlesticks and use other trading indicators to have a good sense of technical analysis. The users can also select the day and night vision as per their ease. The MT4 trading platform can be downloaded from the website for windows 7, 8, and 10.

Charting and analysis

To excel in trading, one has to be good in the charting and analysis goes hand in hand. Keeping in mind the importance of charting and analysis Fxprimus has launched the system of educating its users through the variety of tools offered by its platform. The technical analysis is done through charting by the use of various indicators and techniques. Thus, it provides a great sense of charting and analysis to its users. It also offers the mini terminal feature.

Mini terminal

It helps the users to manage several trades, put a stop loss, and take profit from the good trades made by the users. Hence, it provides great ease to the users of its platform.

Mobile trading

Mobile trading is the need of the hour due to the increased globalization. The users can access the MT4 mobile trading platform to access their accounts on mobile to start their trading whenever they are away from their laptops. Thus, mobile trading plays a vital role in facilitating the users of Fxprimus.

Starting trade with Fxprimus

Starting trading is a very arduous process for the newbie’s as they have to face a lot of issues, about buying, selling, technical and fundamental analysis of different pairs. Fxprimus has come up with an easy and ambitious plan to help in making users familiar with trading and educating. Fxprimus assist users in the following ways in making trading easy for users

  • Educational videos
  • Seminars
  • Fxprimus blogs
  • Weekly outlook

Educational videos

Fxprimus provides educational videos to users to make them able to become professional traders. They can be accessed from the following link

Weekly outlook

Fxprimus gives users detailed analysis and outlook of the week trading insights and major developments that have remained in the limelight in the week. They can be accessed from the following link


Fxprimus also issues blog posts about the major events and major performers of the trading markets to help the users to understand the momentum of the market, whether it is bullish and bearish the market is, and future experts predictions are drawn in the blog posts.  Blog posts can be viewed at the following link


Fxprimus is planning toconduct seminars on various developments and seek the future market potential with the help of technical and fundamental analysis experts. Seminars can be accessed at the following link

Expert guests

I order to facilitate the users Fxprimus invites the famous and expert guests to give lectures on trading and to give their predictions about the technology behind different coins and their future use in the modern era. Expert’s bits of advice can be accessed at the following link

 An opening account in the Fxprimus

Starting trading is always a confusing and complicated part of the trading journey of new traders. However, Fxprimus has made this step easy as a piece of cake. Opening an account is just a few steps always to step into the trading world. The users need to have a valid email id and give proper details about themselves in compliance with the regulators of the Fxprimus. After entering the details, users have to click on the verification link. After this step, users have to upload their documents for further verifications. Then, users can start trading by investing amounts into their accounts and can start doing trading.

Fxprimus offers registration of three types

  • Traders
  • Affiliates
  • Introducing broker

The account-making process is the same for all the types, but there is a slight difference in the affiliate’s type, as users have to enter the link of the affiliate while making the account.

Fxprimus gives three types of account for its users

  • Standard account
  • Premium account
  • VIP account

Standard account

It is the first and easy account for the users offered by the Fxprimus with limited features as compared to other types

Following are the features of the Standard account offered by FXPRIMUS

  • Daily Market Outlook
  • The minimum deposit is $500
  • One to one Consultation
  • 100% Trading Bounce
  • Zero commission

Premium account

Premium account is the second type of account that has better features as compared to standard account type.

Following are the features of premium account offered by FXPRIMUS

  • Daily Market Outlook
    • The minimum deposit for this account type is $2500
    • One to one Consultation
    • 100%Trading Bounce
    • 60 minute MT4 & Trading Tool Training
    • Live Market Update Telephone Cell
    • Zero commission fee

VIP account

VIP account is the best account among all three account types. It has all the features offered by the platform.

Following are the features of VIP account offered by FXPRIMUS

  • Daily Market Outlook
  • The minimum deposit for this account type is $10000
  • One to one consultation
  • 100% Trading Bounce
  • 60 minute MT4 & Trading Tool Training
  • Live Market Update Telephone Calls
  • 30 Minute consultation With Market Specialist
  • Personal Access to Market Specialist 24/5
  • VIP Trading Signals
  • Zero commission fee

Benefits of trading with Fxprimus

  • Trade anywhere and anytime
  • Access to educational videos
  • Free eBook and trading content
  • Live support

 Demo account

The demo account is no more a blessing for the new traders as they get real-time experience to do the live trading. Fxprimus also offers a demo trading account to its users by following the same steps we have mentioned above. It provides $ 50,000 to users for trading to get experience trading in a much better way.

The negative balance of protection

A negative balance of protection is the key feature to help new traders not get into the debt trap. It saves traders by selling their assets and not going into loss beyond their investment money. This feature is available for all types of accounts offered by Fxprimus.

Deposit methods in Fxprimus

 The deposit method is one of the important methods in the trader journey. As they are going to invest their money hoping to get good results for their efforts. There are different methods of deposits offered by the Fxprimus. All deposits are credited into the accounts during working hours: Monday to Friday, 7:00 – 21:00 GMT+2.

Note: FXPRIMUS do not apply any deposit fees

Following are the payments methods offered by Fxprimus

Payments Method

  • Visa
    • Union pay
    • Ecopayz
    • MasterCard
    • Bitcoin
    • Skrill
    • Neteller
    • Fasapay

Minimum deposits for the different account types

  • The standard account minimum deposit is $500
  • Premium account minimum deposit is $2500
  • VIP account minimum deposit is $10000

Withdrawal process of Fxprimus

It is the most awaited part of traders’ journey, as they are going to get their money through trading and they take great care about the withdrawal process of different brokers while investing money. The deposit method of the Fxprimus is not a herculean task.

Payout method available in the following currencies

  • USD
  • EUR
  • SGD
  • GBP
  • PLN
  • HUF
  • The minimum withdrawal amount is $100
  • The payout methods are the same as the deposits.
  • Withdrawal are processed within 2-5 working days

Note: For all accounts types; FXPRIMUS will only process withdrawal back to the source of the original deposit

Customer Support and services

Customer support is the backbone of any business to flourish. Fxprimus provides huge respect and take great care of users in various ways to resolve the issues while trading.

Following are the methods users can contact the experts of Fxprimus

  • Telegram  Fxprimus support bot

Telegram bot gives answers to the questions asked by the users instantly to resolve issues of any type.

  • Whatsapp- +357-94091194

Fxprimus has offered the opportunity to ask their queries on WhatsApp as well.

Fxprimus users can also contact experts on the zalo channel

  • Live Chat to assist users instantly  

Live chat is offered by the Fxprimus to assist users directly making their trading easy and smooth.


Fxprimus provides immense services to the users, to make their dream of becoming pro-traders as soon as possible. Fxprimus is determined to make trading easy for the people. Following are the services provided by Fxprimus to its users

  • Secure funds of users
    • 120+ trading pairs
    • Platinum API
    • Economic calendar
    • Meta-trader
    • Trading tools suite
    • VPS
    • Calculator
    • Zero commission fee
    • Educational videos
    • Demo account
    • 24/5 customer support

Tools offered by Fxprimus


It is a service that allows connects to the meta-trader4. It helps the users to make their trading great due to the ease provided by the Fxprimus.


Calculator tool is offered by the Fxprimus to assist the users calculating the different levels that help in technical analysis of coins

  • PIP calculator
  • Fibonacci calculator
  • Currency converter

Social Media Accounts

Fxprimus has great active Social media accounts that put updates about the latest developments. Following are the links to the social media accounts

Accepted Countries and restricted countries

Accepted countries

Fxprimus is operating at a very vast level. Following is the list of the accepted countries for Fxprimus

  • Thailand
  • Hong Kong
  • India
  • Germany
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Italy
  • Denmark
  • Kuwait
  • Luxembourg
  • Qatar
  • United Kingdom    
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa

Restricted Countries

                        Following is the list of the restricted countries

  • Australia
    • Japan
    • The United States.
    • Canada
    • Korea
    • Belgium
    • Iran
    • France
    • Singapore

Promotions and offers

  • The first prize is the Honda CBR500R
  • 2nd Prize is $6,000 Cash Prize
  • 3rd Prize is Pamp Suisse of lady fortune 50g gold 999.9
  • 4th Prize is 75” q60t Qled 4k smart TV(2020)
  • 5th Prize is Alienware m15 gaming laptop
  • 6th Prize is a $2,500 cash prize
  • 7th Prize is Galaxy Z Fold2 5G
  • 8th Prize is iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • 9th Prize is Microsoft Surface Pro x
  • 10th Prize is Galaxy Note20
  • 11th Prize is Ipad Air 4th Generation
  • 12th prize is Apple Watch Nike Series 6
  • 13th prize is Lenovo Idea Centre A340
  • 14th prize is the $500 Cash Prize
  • 15th prize is DJI Pocket 2
  • 16th prize is a $300 Credit Bonus
  • 17th – 18th  prize is $250 Credit Bonus
  • 19th  – 21st  prize is $200 Credit Bonus
  • 22nd  – 24th  prize is $150 Credit Bonus
  • 25th – 27th Prize is $ 100 Credit Bonus
  • 28th – 30th prize is $ 50 Credit Bonus

NOTE: Conditions to participate

  • Trade a minimum of 5 standard lots  plus receive 1 ticket
    • Every standard lot traded  has 1 bounce ticket
    • 10 standard lots traded  and 6 lucky draw tickets
    • The deposit amount is a minimum of $500

 Bounces on deposit

Fxprimus offers a variety of bonuses on different deposit amounts. Hundred percent bounces are offered by Fxprimus


Gold trading

Fxprimus offers a unique feature of gold trading

Advantages of Trading Gold

  • Trade any time, anywhere
  • Access to Educational Video Series
  • Free eBooks and Education Tools
  • 24/5 Hour Live Support

Fxprimus offers 30% of Trading Bounce

 DepositCalculationYour Credit
 $ 50030%*USD 500$ 150
$ 100030%* USD 1000$ 300
$ 500030%* USD 5000$ 1500
$ 1000Bounce capped at 1500$ 1500
$ 50000Bounce capped at 1500$ 1500


Fxprimus is a unique trading platform that offers a variety of services to the users. It provides access to different types of markets. Fxprimus is a platform that has different types of accounts with different features. Along with a demo account, the Fxprimus has a very competent team behind the project. Fxprimus offers different tools and assistance to help traders. Fxprimus has a very vibrant support team to assist the users. Thus, Fxprimus is a great platform that is easy, secure, and diverse platform trading.

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