How to reduce rigging in elections? Easy steps to make rigging impossible in elections

Rigging in the elections has been the most glaring issue in Pakistan since its inception. Many parties compalain about rigging once they lose. Either they blame institutions, establishment and rival political parties of using force to win the elections. Here are the most important tips for the young ladies and boys that do their duties at the polling station as polling agents.

Here are the tips that must be traced down to make sure no rigging is taking or will take place

  1. Make sure the ballot boxes are empty and its properly sealed by the presiding officer in presense of polling agents.

2. If he does not do this, make sure to check the ballot boxes are empty and its sealed propely, so that no rigging can take place after the polling time is over.

3. Make sure ative people are placed that give ballot paper to voters, it will help in increasing the voter turnout.

4. If the elections are not in your favour, dont panic and do your work enthusiastically like you guys are going to win this elections.

5. There are 100 pages in each book of ballot papers, once it finished make sure you verify the serial number of next book , as to get the record of the book. If someone does any wrongdoing, you will have a record of the serial numbers of every book that is used in the elections.

6. If presiding officer does not show or write down serial number, he is doing rigging or plans to do so.

7. During lunch break , make sure all the boxes are kept in one room in your own presense, and make sure you are there , till the break time ends.

8. This is the most precious advice to the polling agenets. If rival party starts fightings or do sort of violence, do fight at that time, it will reduce the voters turnout. Make sure do not indulge in fighting and focus on main goal. You can fight after the polling ends.

9. Count each vote with vigilant eye, so that no vote is discarded or not counted.

10. Form 45 is also called final result of the polling. make sure to get this, and dont dare to leave the polling station without getting the form 45. This is the most important one, and accept only if it is written in blue pen. so that it cannot be erased. As many try to write with led pencil etc.

11. After getting the form 45 , send it to your candidate and he will telle with the result sent to the election commission.

12. Candidates should be there at RO office rather than at their Deras

13. Polling agents must keep eye on the staff and leave them in RO office in their own presense.

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