Step By Step Video Guide On How To Obtain A Driving License In Dubai?

Find yourself most welcome because today we will learn step by step video guide on how to obtain a driving license in Dubai within couple of minutes. So, Keep reading till the end.

UAE is very much a car-based country. Anybody who lives here knows that without a car, it’s difficult to get by.

I’ve lived all my life in Dubai, but I still do not have my driver’s licence. But you know what, today’s the day I say enough is enough. I’ve got to get my licence and liberate myself. Obviously, the first step is to get some training.

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The Research I DID:

I did a lot of research on where is the best place to do that. I found Emirates driving institute a great choice to get quality training. It has three main training centres plus 53 branches throughout the city.

They have very qualified instructors who focus on road safety and also convenient timings including night classes for the people who work during the day.

So here we are EDI head office located in offices, and I’m really excited to be here so why don’t you guys join me and see how it works The registration process was very simple. It was all done in just one day. That was easy, but now it gets real and I’m really excited.

My Favourite Driving License:

So far ,23 lessons done, but today I got to do my theory test I’ve been studying all night. Let’s hope I pass so here I am at Emirates driving Institute.

And Today’s my first ever driving lesson I really hope I don’t crash Abdullah is my instructor. He is very friendly and helped me take all my fears away.

How To Obtain A Driving License In Dubai

He explained everything clearly and with patience and answered all my questions so far I’ve done 10 driving lessons. Today’s my elevens not that bad actually. Today I’m going to be learning how to reverse into a corner wasn’t me how to do it.

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After Completing 40 Lessons:

I’ve completed all my 40 lessons, but today is my final road test. Instruct has been really great. But today is all up to me. I really hope I pass in my first try in this cross.

How To Obtain A Driving License In Dubai

After many days of training and the final test I finally got my licence on my very first try. I cannot wait to tell my friends. Thank you Emirates dubbing Institute no more Metro for me.

So, i hope you learned Step By Step Video Guide On How To Obtaining A Driving License In Dubai.

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