How to clean little tikes bounce house? 5 Easy and Simple Steps

Okay, so my basic cleaning supplies that I’m going to use on pretty much every bounce house or combo that we’re going to clean is a bucket of water.

How to clean little tikes bounce house?

Simple and Easy Steps of How to clean little tikes bounce house?

This MR CLEAN, cleaner, a little towel. And these are industrial strength Mr Clean Magic erasers, but they’re like off-brand. They’re not real, Mr Clean. They’re amazing. I got them on Amazon. It’s like $1.50 for 50 of them, or something ridiculous comes in a giant brick; it’s cool.

The other stuff I’m going to use is a spray bottle with the same cleaning solution in it just in case I go inside and need some more cleaner; I’ve got a towel. Normally, I have many of these, but I got the room could use this as a giant toothbrush and dip it in the cleaning solution.

How to clean little tikes bounce house?

And then you can wash the high stuff. Or even if you’ve got nasty stuff, you can scrub this, and then you’re not getting your towels all dirty; then I’ve got the leaf blower you can blow off the debris and blow off leaves, pine needles, whatever you got. So I have it handy.

And then, of course, the shop back and I’ve got like a Frankenstein hose on here, that’s probably 3040 feet long, I got two of them, I duct tape together, I bought the super long one on Amazon and then taped it to the regular one, the longer, the better. Because that way, this can stay outside the bounce house; I turn it on, throw this inside, and I can vacuum the whole thing without having to worry about the vacuum tip and over. Then last but not least, I got the extension ladder.

That way, if I got stuff up high, dirt up high from the bounce house, deflating and fallen in the yard, I can use this, get up there super quick, and get it all nice and clean. So let’s get our slide opened up, and then we’ll clean it up. And then I’m going to undo my straps. So a cool little trick you can do when you’re under your straps. So I’m going to push it over. And then I leave them right under the slide. And so when I’m done cleaning, if I fold it the right way, there’ll be right where they need to be when I’m ready to roll it. So I’m going to roll this out; you’re going to see how wet it is. It’s the nasty dude.

How to clean little tikes bounce house?

All the way all the way. I took the pool blower tube off to try and get some more water out of its inside. We had this rented out over the weekend over Mother’s Day. And so we didn’t go pick up any slides on Mother’s Day. One, give some people some extra day, you know, good value for the clients on holiday, too. I wanted to hang out with my wife, mother and my kids. And my mom, on Mother’s Day, I didn’t want to work. So that ended up happening between three to six inches of rain came sweeping through and dominated the whole area. So this thing got soaked.

Okay, so I can see some water-cooled on here as it comes up. And we drained a lot of the water out of this when we picked it up. But what I’m going to do it right here on the front corner of the bounce house; there’s a little opening there, it’s on each side, but I like to stand on this one. So that way, as air fills up the bounce house, your waters will run to you if there’s any in there.

The same unit, but with palm trees that I did yesterday, was like a flash flood coming out of its head with so much water because what happens is your bounce house gets flooded in here, like underneath. And then when you roll it, it squishes all that water up to, you know, basically everywhere. So I like to keep my weight on this to be downhill. So if any water comes out, it’ll all come out right at my feet. Here it comes. Here it comes, just a little trickle, not bad to you, but a good amount.

So going. Alright, my first step whenever it’s running as a waterslide is already soaked. And as you can see, we got some pine needles, and we got like this other little debris that comes from the pine trees. I go around and squirt it off. But this is the sunnier side. So I’m going to do the backside; first, I’m going to do the sunny side because it will dry quicker. And then that way, I can go back to the backside and Tallaght off. Okay, so this is what I’m talking about.

How to clean little tikes bounce house?

This is like tree bark. Like it’s just all over the place. So I’m just going to take the hose and spray it off. Let the water do a lot of the work for me, and then I do my best to keep it from spraying inside the bounce house because we don’t want more water inside. But real basic, spray it off. Now people have asked me if I’ve ever tried a pressure washer for this.

The answer is yes; I didn’t notice any difference. It just, you know, takes gas. It’s louder, but this works just fine. Cool. So then, basically, we’ll just let it drip for a second. We’re going to do the front side. I take care of the pool, see if there’s anything there, get that backside; it will come back here. And I’m just going to dry it off and see what it looks like after I dry it off.

You know this is the part where I’m going to try to do a better, a little bit better job. I know that doesn’t sound good, but it’s true. This is the front. This is the moneymaker, and this is what everybody’s going to see. So I’m going to make sure that this site is cleaned off even better than any part of the whole other slide because this is what makes the impression if you will.

All right. Looks pretty good. So now what we’ll do is we’ll start tallying it off. And to make sure that we’re getting all the debris off of it. Okay, and then basically how I do this, I pick a panel and wipe that panel. And I try to stick with that one panel.

How to clean little tikes bounce house?

Two reasons. It makes sure that I hit everything and that everything is clean and wiped down. Reason number two is it helps keep it, so it’s not so overwhelming. This isn’t a big unit, but you have a 20-foot waterslide to wipe down the whole thing; you look at it, and it’s just a giant monster. But if you go panel by panel, you’ll fly through it in no time. Just getting a bunch of the excess water off of it, any debris that’s still on it from we didn’t get from spraying it off, you kind of start high and make your way down because you’re going to knock off a lot of the debris, it’s going to come down and settle down here.

How to clean little tikes bounce house?

Examples of How to clean little tikes bounce house:

So here’s a good example. So I’m just going to wipe, you know, this brown part just on that top section, then I’ll go to the next scene and wipe down below that, then I’ll hit this section here. Same, come over here, hit this orange group; besides, I can hit my green. Come up here, get my brown There we go. So on the back of the slide, I’m just going fast; I’m going for speed. Nobody sees back here; I want to make sure I take care of the slide, but I’m not overly worried; what I do is I go around and clean the rest of the slide. And then I wash that clean, clean the back of the slide, laugh because you’re tired, tuckered out, you’re sick of this slide, whatever the last thing you do, makes logical sense is going to be the laziest thing you do. So I always teach all my guys to do the back last. So we’re just going to keep going around drying it off now we got it all dried off; I’ll tell you this with a waterslide.

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