How To Clean Chemex | Easy Guide

A Chemex is a terrific brew method, but due to its peculiarity, it can be difficult to clean. That’s why I’m going to show you exactly how to clean Chemex today. The truth is that while the beautiful beaker-like design is fascinating to look at, it can be difficult to access the inner workings to scrub them. Making certain that all of your previous batch of coffee has been removed is only the first step in thoroughly cleaning your Chemex.

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How to clean Chemex?

The downside of the Chemex is that it is difficult to clean. How to clean Chemex? The distinctive beaker-like form is appealing to the eye, but accessing the inner workings to clean them can be tricky. You can wash your Chemex with unscented dish soap and hot water on a regular basis (you could even put this in the washing machine if you delete the wooden dowel), and yet oily coffee particulate and nutrient reserves from your liquid can develop over time and actually impact the flavour of the coffee, so start giving it a thorough cleaning once or two times a year, and whenever the interior begins to get overcast.

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How to clean Chemex?

Ingredient For How to clean Chemex: 

  • White vinegar, distilled
  • Long-handled bottle brush (with a wood or plastic handle to avoid damaging the carafe; Chemex produces a great-looking version)
  • Water that is warm
  • Dishwashing liquid with no aroma
How to clean Chemex with household items
How to clean Chemex?


How to clean Chemex? These are steps you need to follow:

  • Make sure the Chemex is cold after finishing the coffee, throwing away the grounds, and tossing the grounds.
  • It could look that it isn’t meant to be removed, but it is. All that is necessary is to untie the leather cord.
  • Scrub the exterior of the carafe with dish soap and water, paying special attention to the region where the wooden handle was removed. You may need to adjust the following step if you have stubborn stains or mineral deposits.
  • Fill the carafe to the brim with equal parts distilled white vinegar and warm water. (If the exterior of your Chemex requires a thorough cleaning, immerse it in the liquid using a washtub, bucket, or your kitchen sink.) Allow a few hours or overnight to allow the coffee oils or mineral build-up to dissolve.
  • Remove the vinegar-water mixture. As you scrub the insides of the carafe with the bottle brush, pour warm water into it.
  • Before Allowing it to dry, after cleaning the glass, wash it once more using dish soap and water to eliminate any leftover vinegar-y flavours. 
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How to clean Chemex?

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