How To Change a High Ceiling Lightbulb? 2 Easy Ways

High ceilings are appealing because they offer to place a culture of optimism and airiness. Many People Think about it and have a problem to face and ask How To change a High Ceiling Lightbulb.

 With such high ceilings, though, there are a few issues, such as cleaning corners and changing a lightbulb. Although most individuals are informed of the pole extension for cleaning, changing lightbulbs may be a pain. It’s tough to get a ladder into the house. That’s not much fun ascending the leaders to perch uncomfortably and unscrew lightbulbs.

urthermore, dropping a bulb from that height will shatter across the floor below, making cleaning hazardous and time-consuming. There is, thankfully, a more straightforward method. I found out I was doing it all wrong after years to deal with ladders and bulb drops, and I’ll share two tips that will revolutionise whatever you think you know about replacing oversized roof lightbulbs.

How To Change a High Ceiling Lightbulb, With an extended lightbulb change pole, you may replace a high ceiling lightbulb. These ingenious gadgets are available in various forms to fit any bulb and have interchangeable heads. It’s also crucial to consider the sort of lightbulb you’re employing. Longer-lasting alternatives will reduce the frequency with which you must replace those lights.

Step by Step Methods to Explain How To change a High Ceiling Lightbulb

Upward Facing Light Bulbs (Using a Ladder)

  • Turn off the lights before changing the light bulbs.
  • Make a place for the ladder beneath the light bulb by clearing the floor beneath it.
  • Open the ladder and place it on the ground or near a wall if feasible to stabilise it.
  • Enlist the assistance of a coworker to keep the ladder stable as you climb.
  • Put on a pair of plastic gloves to protect your hands.
  • Climb a ladder and grasp the light bulb, slowly and carefully twisting it in a counterclockwise manner.
  • Screw the headlight bulb into the socket to secure it. This time, spin this in a clockwise orientation and make sure you do it carefully.
How To change a High Ceiling Lightbulb

Changing Light Bulbs with a Bulb Grabber

  • Attach the bulb grabber to the appropriate length extensions pole.
  • Move your hands carefully and slowly towards the bulb that has to be changed.
  • With the bulb grabber, grasp this bulb and keep it.
  • Now, spin the bulb counterclockwise to remove it.
  • Most bulb grabbers contain a release cord to aid relieve the bulb’s grip. To remove the old bulb, pull this cord.
How To change a High Ceiling Lightbulb
  • Hold the replacement bulb in your hand and insert it carefully into the light bulb socket.
  • To lock it in place, spin it clockwise when it’s within the socket.
  • Pull the release string to let go of the new bulb.
  • Make sure you turn on the light switch to verify that the bulb is in position.

From the steps given in this guide, you notice that replacing a high ceiling light bulb isn’t as difficult as you imagined. All you need to do is purchase the right tools to aid you in your task. 

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