8 Best Ways on how to Keep Gnats Away From Your Face

People usually want to know how to Keep Gnats Away From Your Face. You might have experienced the havoc caused by the gnats during different seasons, especially the spring and summer seasons. Nonetheless, one can keep himself safe by keeping gnats away from your face by acting upon these simple steps, and they can make your face and life easier as well by reading this brief article on how to Keep Gnats Away From your Face.

Why do Gnats come to Your Face?

Gnats have a tendency to like or get attracted towards the C02, thus it makes more chances of gnats coming to our faces, at the time of breathing and exhaling the CO2. So, in order to be on the safe side, spare a few minutes by reading this key information on how to Keep Gnats Away From Your Face.

Let us look at the ways to keep gnats away from your face. 

1- Use of Citrus Lemon Oil to keep gnats away from your face.

It can be challenging to get rid of gnats, but you can do it during the summer and spring. The diluted lemon essential oil can be applied topically to the skin as well as diffused into the air and inhaled.

2- Best use of Eucalyptus Oil on how to keep gnats awat from your face.

The strong odor of eucalyptus is effective at repelling a wide range of insects, including gnats. The natural perfume of eucalyptus will not only leave your home smelling nice, but it will also keep gnats away. 

3- Using Vinegar Soap as a Trap

Pour the apple cider vinegar into a small basin or container, then add the dishwashing liquid. To get a flawless mix, properly combine the materials. Cover the container with plastic wrap and poke small holes around the perimeter of the container, about 12cm in diameter. Place the container in a location where the gnats will be more susceptible.

4- Get your hands on a Coconut Spray on how to Keep Gnats Away From Your Face

To use as a repellent for your skin, soak a clean cotton ball in vanilla extract. Pure coconut extract should be mixed with water, and the mixture should be thoroughly mixed.

5- Laundry Sheets for Use 

The scent of fabric softener sheets is similar to lavender, scented geranium, lemon balm, and other gnat repellent plants. Before going outdoors, place a dryer sheet inside your pocket to keep gnats away from your face.

6-Construct a Candle Trap

Place a tall candle into a candlestick in a small pan filled with water. For efficient trapping, make sure the lights are turned off. The gnats are more likely to fall into the water beneath the candle or even land on the flames. Meanwhile, towards your own safety, you need not leave the burning candle alone.

7- Insect-Killing Chemical Alternatives

Insecticides containing pyrethrins work much faster than other insecticides. When the gnats have become unbearable, you may want to apply insecticides to exterminate them quickly.

8- Plant Lavender

The best part is that you can utilize this plant in the kitchen to give your dishes a lemony flavor. If you want to keep gnats away from your house, grow the Thyme plant somewhere where it will get some sunlight. Another plant that repels gnats is Lavender. The leaves of these plants are perfumed in both yellow and green.

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